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Working with Prospect Partners is easy. Click on the links below to download useful information and agreements. The PDF documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. You can download the Reader for free by clicking on this banner. 

Information About Our Firm
Prospect Partners Firm Overview (212kb PDF) — a summary of our firm, investment approach and portfolio, including key contacts
Building Companies With Prospect Partners (1,293kb PDF) — a more in-depth look at our background, philosophy, portfolio and investment team
Prospect Partners SIC Code List (120kb PDF) — General areas of interest as well as specific interests by platform company

Information About Our Portfolio
Prospect Partners Portfolio Snapshot: Current Investments (758kb PDF) — by company, industry segment, and acquisition interests
Prospect Partners Portfolio Snapshot: Prior Investments (507kb PDF) — by company, industry segment, and acquisition interests
Prospect Partners Case Studies (3,498kb PDF) — Read the stories of 12 very different portfolio companies, from investment to exit

Information For Business Owners
Prospect Partners & The Business Owner (439kb PDF) — A 1-page resource for company owners interested in learning more about Prospect Partners
Ready to Take Your Company to the Next Level? Recapitalizing Your Business With Prospect Partners (1,055kb PDF) — An easy-to-read primer, plus perspectives from owners on why they decided to recapitalize their business with Prospect Partners
Beyond Capital (864kb PDF) — Learn how Prospect Partners' wide-ranging support can help you achieve the growth you want
Prospect Partners Portfolio Company Testimonials (530kb PDF) — See what our management teams say about their experiences working with us

Information For Outside Operating Executives and Independent Equity Sponsors

Prospect Partners: A Tradition of Partnership With Experienced Outside Executives (144kb PDF) — See why so many outside executives choose to work with us on their niche transactions

INSIGHTS Library (Issues of Our Newsletter for Intermediaries and Business Owners

3 Ways Management Can Help The Sale (632kb PDF) — Private equity investors are known for wanting sellers to have "a good management team in place." What does that mean, exactly? Discover 3 qualities investors find especially attractive.
A Private Equity Perspective on Budget Planning (802kb PDF) — For owners considering selling their company, fall is the perfect time to get key documents in order. Learn more about what private equity firms look for in budgets, the benefits of having one, and how to start the budgeting process. This issue also clears up common misconceptions about why private equity firms want to see budgets.
10 Key Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Private Equity Partner (840kb PDF) — Finding the best fit is an inexact science — some combination of due diligence, reference checks, and "gut feel." Discover the best questions owner-sellers should ask to find the right private equity partner for their business.
8 Things To Know (or Do) Before The "For Sale" Shingle Goes Up (1266kb PDF) — A thoughtful approach to the sales process can pay dividends. These 8 tips can help owners make the most of the financial opportunity for their company.

How A Recapitalization Can Help Boost The Business (1025kb PDF) — A recapitalization can be a key part of the transition to the "next" chapter — for both a business and its owner. Yet many entrepreneurs don't fully understand this financing technique and how it could help them successfully grow their business, reduce personal risk, and ensure they don't get stuck holding the company when they can least afford to. Filled with relatable real-life examples, this educational piece covers 6 recap-worthy situations ... and highlights another 6 scenarios where this strategy should not be considered.

Beyond EBITDA: 5 Other Factors That Affect How Private Equity Buyers Value Companies (860kb PDF) — Objective measures aren't the only drivers of valuation. A look at 5 subjective variables that play roles in how investors value smaller companies because of their potential future impact on the business.

Agreements For Intermediaries

Prospect Partners Standard Fee Agreement (11kb PDF)
Prospect Partners Standard Confidentiality Agreement (15kb PDF)