Our Growth

Prospect Partners is a highly opportunistic and active buyer, seeking small companies in niche markets. We pursue companies with leadership positions that can be built upon, as well as companies that have the potential to become niche leaders.

We concentrate on the long-term success of our portfolio companies by providing financial and strategic expertise to company managers. Working hand-in-hand at the Board of Directors level, we help:

  • develop strategy;
  • identify and negotiate acquisitions;
  • finance growth and systems development;
  • recruit additional management resources; and
  • maximize shareholder value.

Our team has worked in situations in which growth has happened very quickly, as well as in circumstances that have demanded patience in helping management achieve sound objectives. In all situations, we strive to remain strongly supportive and maintain a long-term, objective perspective.

Since Prospect Partners was founded in 1998, we have built more than 50 platforms by investing in over 150 unique businesses throughout the United States.