Our Focus

Prospect Partners is a leading private equity firm investing in smaller lower-middle-market companies.

Our exclusive focus is on management-led leveraged buyouts and recapitalizations of smaller lower-middle-market companies.

  • We partner with management teams to acquire and help build small niche leaders — profitable, growth-ready businesses with revenues typically under $75 million and EBITDA between $2 - $8 million (add-on acquisitions for current platform companies typically generate at least $2 million in revenues).
  • We typically invest $2 million to $30 million in management-led leveraged acquisitions, and make follow-on investments to support the internal growth and health of our portfolio companies.
  • We are an opportunity-driven buyer; our portfolio includes companies in widely diverse niche manufacturing, distribution and specialty service markets.
  • We are long-term investors. We focus on building companies over time and are committed to maximizing their values.


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