Portfolio Overview

Prospect Partners’ platform companies are springboards of potential.

The lower middle market is comprised of millions of companies, each defined within at least one of thousands of industry segments. Within such a diverse marketplace, we seek niche companies that are, or have the potential to become, market leaders. Our interests are represented nationwide, as reflected through an investment portfolio of platforms and add-on acquisitions that spans the United States.

The majority of companies we seek are:

  • profitable and growth-ready;
  • in a niche market;
  • in a strong, defensible market position;
  • in a manufacturing, distribution, or specialty consumer, business, healthcare, or industrial service market; and
  • in the United States.

We seek to identify untapped potential and make it the foundation upon which we build more valuable companies. We maintain an acquisition strategy that is rigorous, active, and focused. With management teams as our partners, we build companies through internal growth and select acquisitions.

Since Prospect Partners was founded in 1998, we have built 52 platforms through the acquisitions of more than 150 companies.

Active Companies
Prior Investments