Sample Transactions

Throughout the process of developing, structuring and closing smaller lower middle market deals, Prospect Partners works closely with financial intermediaries, management teams, and independent equity sponsors.

We back both current management teams that want to recapitalize and continue to run their business as well as outside executives, management teams, and independent equity sponsors who seek a highly experienced, fund-based equity partner to help them acquire and grow a company.

Over our firm's history, we have grown our portfolio companies through all kinds of economic cycles, market conditions, and business circumstances. The case studies below illustrate some of the various companies in which we've invested, from our initial transaction to our ultimate exit. In all cases, we are committed to working with management to tailor strategies for the development of long-term, successful companies and the realization of optimal growth.


Leveraged Recapitalizations — Backing Existing Management Teams

Transitional Sale: Gold Star Foods, Inc.
Geographic Expansion: Education Corporation of America
Industry Consolidation: Summit Companies
Industry Consolidation: Wrap Pack Products Corporation

Management Buyouts Backing Outside Executives And Management Teams

Operational Improvements Kronos Foods Corp.
Seasoned Executive: Pipp Mobile Storage Systems Holding Company
From Retiring Owner: First Texas Products, Inc.
From Retiring Owner: Velvac, Inc.
Corporate Orphan: Remuda Ranch Company
Corporate Orphan: Utility Service Partners, Inc.
Industry Consolidation: Delta Industrial Services, LLC
Corporate Orphan/Industry Consolidation Prospect Water Co. LLC