Prospect teamed with management to recapitalize Gold Star Foods, Inc. (“Gold Star”) in October, 2007.

Gold Star is one of the nation’s leading specialty foodservice distributors specializing in a wide array of food and non-food products to public school districts. The Company serves students ages K-12 in California, Arizona and Nevada. Since its inception in 1978, Gold Star has carved out a unique market niche through its focus on childhood nutrition. Gold Star sells more than 6,000 different food and non-food items, including fresh bread and produce, as well as refrigerated, frozen, and dry menu items, and is a full-service provider for many of its customers.

Prospect Team: Erik Maurer, Brad O'Dell
Transaction Type: Recapitalization
Growth Strategy: Niche Leader
Investment Date: October 2007
Industry: Specialty Foodservice Distribution
Sector: Value-Add Distributor
Status: Realized

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April 12, 2021