Our deep experience and
high Entrepreneurial IQ
ensure that we connect
with entrepreneurs

Our deep experience and
high Entrepreneurial IQ
ensure that we connect
with entrepreneurs

Our deep experience and
high Entrepreneurial IQ
ensure that we connect
with entrepreneurs

Our deep experience and
high Entrepreneurial IQ
ensure that we connect
with entrepreneurs

Our deep experience and
high Entrepreneurial IQ
ensure that we connect
with entrepreneurs

The Prospect Difference

Entrepreneurs really are different. They are self-directed, action-oriented, and highly engaged. This is also our mindset. Working with us feels natural to business owners because we bring our collective experience, curious natures, and optimistic perspectives to the table.

Business Builders Since Day One

Building companies, teams, strategic plans and value has been our passion for 25 years. We are exclusively focused on helping pre-middle market companies grow larger and more valuable, maximizing their potential.

Business is Personal to Us

Our special affinity for closely-held businesses comes from our own collaborative atmosphere. The Prospect Partners team is tight-knit, laser‑focused on our management teams’ and investors’ needs, and refreshingly free of big egos.

Our Culture

We put the 8Ps of private equity to work

Our very name is no accident. “Prospect” represents our expertise at gauging a company’s potential and “Partners” stands for our commitment to working together. What’s more, there are eight additional “Ps” embedded in our firm’s culture:

PARTNERSHIP. It is not just a buzzword. It is core to how we operate. We offer intelligence, not interference.
PASSION. Entrepreneurs at heart, we are driven to help small companies grow and prosper. We know the meaning of going all-in and the responsibility that comes with leading an organization.
PEOPLE. We are a tight-knit, ego-free team of highly‑knowledgeable investment professionals working in a collaborative atmosphere.
PERFORMANCE. We take pride in our history of generating exceptional outcomes for our investors and management teams.
PERSISTENCE. We know the path to victory is seldom a straight line, and we excel at calmly navigating through challenges to reach our collective goals.
PERSONALITY. Ask our teams. We are easy to work with. We are terrific listeners. And we are as excited about your business as you are.
PLATFORMS. We have extensive experience from building over 55 platforms and acquiring over 115 add-ons … and growing.
PROCESS. Our thorough yet manageable approach to due diligence and building shareholder value is grounded in collaboration, responsiveness, and confidentiality.

Entrepreneur Support System

Yes, we’re passionate a what we do. Yes, we can hustle with the best of them. And along the way we’ve held on to our values. Open relationships are our stock-in-trade. We work closely with management teams. We strive for collaboration over conflict. And we know trust must be earned.

We bring a hands-on, collaborative approach that includes proven playbooks and strategies tailored for the challenges and opportunities facing pre-middle market companies.


Strategic Planning

Sustainable growth requires a keen understanding of where we are heading. We work closely with our teams to implement long-term strategic plans that can be broken down into annual, quarterly and monthly goals so we can “win the week, win the quarter and win the year”.



Strong governance produces exceptional results. We believe this governance is reflected in each interaction with our teams, and we work hard to help our companies align incentives, mitigate risks and provide oversight to our management teams.


Infrastructure Building

We invest in entrepreneurial companies and specialize in providing meaningful infrastructure enhancements that can unlock accelerated growth. This often includes focused action plans, improved KPIs and financial reporting, upgraded IT systems and the utilization of specialized external resources to solve tough problems.


Management Team Enhancements

Human capital is often a bigger constraint than financial capital, and growth requires new skills and team members to add bandwidth. Management teams typically see multiple additions during their growth cycle, and we have extensive expertise helping our portfolio companies make these critical hires.

Our strategic approach

Starting Point

Use experience and proactive efforts to identify market leaders and platform build-up opportunities

  • Proactive outreach, reputation as trusted partner

Action oriented management team in an attractive, fragmented market with:

  • Vision for growth
  • Differentiated product or service
  • Base of recurring revenue
  • Defensible market position
  • Diverse customer base

Robust Due Diligence

  • Patient, in-depth approach
  • Close working relationships with management team from day one
Inflection & Growth

Active, close partnership with each team

Flexible playbook designed to professionalize businesses and accelerate value creation

Early focus on building infrastructure

Deep experience adding to management teams

Add-on and organic growth via new product lines and/or geographic expansion

Positioned for Long-Term Growth

Fully developed management team

Platform built for sustainable, long-term growth

Tested growth playbook

Larger, professionalized company allows for valuation expansion

EBITDA between
$3-$10 million

Signs of Success

  • Strong momentum in business
  • Management willingness to embrace change & partnership
  • Progress mitigating original risk factors
  • Attention from industry experts and investors

Potential Exit Zone

  • Understand management and Prospect goals for an exit
  • Focused on good fit for the Company
  • Opportunity for “second bite of the apple” and allow management to continue to participate in future growth

Let's Talk Potential