Prospect teamed with store fixture industry veteran Craig J. Umans and Pipp management to acquire Pipp Mobile Storage Systems (“Pipp”) in March, 2005 from the founding family.

Pipp is a leading manufacturer, designer and installer of mobile shelving and storage systems under the Pipp, Denstor, and IRSG brands. Pipp’s products help companies free up floor space while improving the organization and storage of everything from files to food to stockroom merchandise to tools. Pipp sells nationwide to companies, including many Fortune 1000 businesses, in retail, hospitality, foodservice and commercial office markets through a network of authorized dealers that install the systems.

Prospect Team: Erik Maurer
Transaction Type: Back Outside Executive
Growth Strategy: Niche Leader
Investment Date: March 2005
Industry: Retail Store Fixtures
Sector: Niche Manufacturer
Status: Realized

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April 12, 2021