Prospect teamed with management to recapitalize Tender Corporation (“Tender”) in September, 2008.

Tender is a leading recreational outdoor products platform that develops, manufactures, and markets essential personal care, survival, and first aid products under a portfolio of niche, enthusiast brands through various retail channels, including food, drug and mass merchandisers, outdoor and sporting goods stores, and promotional product distributors. Tender’s various product lines consist of bite treatments, insect repellents, sunburn and windburn products, first-aid kits, special-purpose creams and lotions, activity-specific medical kits, survival gear and other related products.

Prospect Team: Rick Tuttle, Brad O'Dell
Transaction Type: Recapitalization
Growth Strategy: Niche Leader
Investment Date: September 2008
Industry: Outdoor Products
Sector: Niche Manufacturer / Consumer
Status: Realized
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April 12, 2021