ITASCA, ILL. and HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. /PRNewswire/ — QMI Security Solutions, in conjunction with Management and Prospect Partners, has closed on its investment of Riot Glass, Inc and Campbell Corporation.

With this strategic partnership, QMI – Riot Glass – Campbell are coming together to offer customers unmatched physical security protection. Uniting the QMI security shutter products with the Riot Glass security glass and framing systems creates a suite of highly engineered solutions to meet rising crime and threat levels across the United States.

“We are extremely excited to join forces with the Riot Glass – Campbell team. Together we will offer customers innovative, comprehensive solutions for their most challenging forced entry and ballistic security needs.” said Kevin White, CEO of QMI Security Solutions.

Riot Glass is a leading manufacturer of retrofit security glass and door systems, and Campbell Corporation is a C-17 licensed glazing contractor and one of the largest dealers of Riot Glass®, Window Films, and other retrofit products in California. QMI is the largest security shutter manufacturer in the US.

Brad Campbell, CEO of Riot Glass remarked, “This strategic partnership brings enormous benefits to our customers, our dealer base, and our employees. QMI’s manufacturing and design prowess, commercial capabilities, and Chicagoland location brings added value to our companies. After having worked with Kevin and his team over the past year, we have been so impressed with their dedication to customers and relentless focus on product excellence.”

“Brad and his team have built a fantastic business by listening to the customer and developing groundbreaking solutions to meet their needs. We are excited to help them build on their vision and extend the Riot Glass and Campbell brands,” added Kevin White.

Brad Campbell will continue as Chief Executive Officer of both Riot Glass and Campbell Corporation and will become a member of QMI’s Senior Executive Team.

About Riot Glass, Inc and Campbell Corporation

Riot Glass is a leading manufacturer of patented retrofit security glass and door systems designed to safeguard storefronts or any commercial or residential property that needs reliable fenestration protection. Building on their collective decades of experience in retrofit glazing, Riot Glass was born out of the need for reliable, cost-effective barriers that secure vulnerable entry points without sacrificing visual glass appeal. Their innovative solutions have set the standard for high visibility forced entry security.

Campbell Corporation is a licensed glazing and window film contractor that specializes in energy and security fenestration retrofits for commercial and residential properties. A six-time dealer of the year for 3M Window Films and the Riot Glass master dealer in California, Campbell’s reputation for excellence is well established in the commercial real estate and luxury home markets.

About QMI Security Solutions

QMI is the leading manufacturer of commercial security shutters and storm protection products in North America. QMI leads the industry in customer satisfaction, product patents, delivery lead time, and in-field performance.

QMI has more than 35 years of experience providing security for 40,000+ retail locations across formats, delivering front, middle, and back-of-store solutions for all threat levels. QMI products also provide forced entry protection for homes, schools, warehouses, airports, and government buildings.

Loss prevention, facility management, architects, and security professionals trust QMI security products to protect people and assets at their most critical locations.

QMI designs and builds its products at its headquarters in Itasca, IL.